St Tropez Spray Tan

A St Tropez Spray Tan will leave you with a gorgeous, even, glow.

Full Body: £25

Half Body: £15

To make the most of your Spray Tan:

Before your tan...

  • Exfoliate and remove hair at least 24hrs before the appointment 

  • Do not moisturise the day of the tan

  • Bring loose, dark clothing to the appointment

  • If travelling by car and you have light seats, bring a towel to cover

  • Hair needs to be tied back, and all jewelry removed

After your tan...

  • Wear loose, dark clothing until tan can be washed off

  • No swimming, bathing or exercising until the guide tan can be washed off

  • After tan has developed, wash as normal in shower

  • Pat dry after bathing

  • Use moisturisers on body daily to prolong tan.


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