Let's Keep Everyone Safe!

For your appointment...

  • Please cancel your appointment if you have ANY COVID-19 symptoms.

  • Please wait outside for your appointment. Once your therapist is ready they will greet you. Please do not be late for your appointment. If you are more than a couple of minutes late your therapist will need to re-schedule your appointment. We have very strict appointment and cleaning slots that we must adhere to.

  • Please wear a face covering. We will not perform your treatment unless you are wearing a form of face mask. You are welcome to purchase a disposable mask from us for £1.

  • Please sanitise your hands at the start and end of your appointment. You will also need to sanitise your hands after touching your face or any personal belongings.

  • Please attend your appointment alone, unless you require a carer or assistance.

  • Please only bring essential items with you. We will no longer take any coats (you will need to place these on the back of your chair if you decide to bring one). We will also ask you to not put your mobile phone (or any other belongings) on the workstation. Every time you touch an item like your phone, you will need to sanitise your hands again (which cannot take place half way through a manicure).

  • On arrival please fill in a health questionnaire; please be as honest as possible. If you (accidentally) pass COVID-19 to your therapist, they will not be able to work for 14days.

  • You must book your appointment in advance, we will not be accepting walk-ins. Please book in all treatments you require, we may not be able to add on additional treatments.

  • Please let us know if you are classed as 'vulnerable', as we will wear additional PPE for your protection.

  • The toilet will be out of bounds for clients, unless for emergencies or medically reasons.

We will...

  • We will be adding 15mins to the end of each appointment to clean the area we have worked in. Every item within 2metres of the previous client will be sanitised.

  • We will be maintaining social distancing as much as possible. Please do not try to stand closer than 1m when we are not performing your treatment.

  • Our main salon door will remain open as much as possible, as we need to encourage ventilation. If it is a cold day please wear extra layers.

  • Your therapist will wear a visor at all times to act as a barrier. They may also wear a mask if you are classed as 'vulnerable'.

  • We will be using disposable items where possible. We are changing to disposable nail files for each client, using disposable towels and wearing disposable aprons.

  • We will no longer be providing refreshments for clients.

  • We will be adding 50p onto your visit to the salon, to help towards the PPE and long cleaning periods required. 

We are sorry for all these rules and regulations, but they are set by the government keep us as safe as possible.

Thank you for your co-operation.

Lakewood Beauty Xx